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Elfenwood Camp Reservation

ElfenWood is FULL for 2019.
If you have stayed with us before, you may send an inquiry to see if we have had any cancellations.
​Have a Happy Fair!

Please fill in the info below when you are ready to request a RESERVATION.  If you have general questions contact us here, or call us at 541-603-3832.  

If you send us this form we will call you soon to go over details of your reservation.  

Please don't try to reserve for your friends. For a smooth arrival, each party arriving together in a vehicle must have a separate reservation. Thanks!

The information below will allow you to request a reservation for an Elfenwood Campsite.

Are you a returning camper from 2016 or later? We'll make this real easy for you. 
Just enter the email address you used previously below, and verify your info.

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