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GnomeWood Camp Reservation

The Fair is back for 2022!

We look forward to camping with you.

Camp reservations will begin May 1st.

GnomeWood was formerly known as ElfenWood.

The Elves all left and the Gnomes moved in.

Welcome to GnomeWood!

If you are ready for a truly quiet camp with no amplified sound, GnomeWood is for you.

Please fill in the info below when you are ready to request a RESERVATION.  If you have general questions contact us here, or call us at 541-603-3832.  

If you send us this form we will call you soon to go over details of your reservation.  

Please don't try to reserve for your friends. For a smooth arrival, each party arriving together in a vehicle must have a separate reservation. Thanks!

The information below will allow you to request a reservation for an GnomeWood Campsite.

Are you a returning camper from 2016 or later? We'll make this real easy for you. 
Just enter the email address you used previously below, and verify your info.

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