Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Web Development (These sites are all old and not live)

Web development has not been a focal point of energy for Flying Eye in a number of years.

The era of e-mail, Internet, and electronic information is now firmly entrenched in our societal fabric. It is now possible for the little mom and pop store as well as the giant conglomerate to attain a worldwide client base. 

Flying Eye will not just get you a site on the web, but custom design one that people will bookmark and come back to time and time again, which is key. Whether you want a site for business or for personal use Flying Eye will give you what you want. The web is your link to the people of the world. Even if you have an existing site we can help you get it out there for everyone to see. 

You don't even have to be on the "Internet" to have a web site. We can set up forms to have orders come directly to your place of business via fax. If you already have a site we can move it to our server and you will then have a top rate webmaster that will maintain the site you want. Let us be your Internet experts. 

Flying Eye Internet services include web hosting, design, registration, classified ads, search engine listing, and web site maintenance. 

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